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Today’s business markets are everchanging, so it is critical that organizations can produce goods and services both smarter and faster than their competition. Workflow processes and management allows businesses to view, operate, manage, analyze and improve their overall efficiency for success.


What is Workflow Management?

Workflow is the roadmap to success; it gets you from point A to point B. Consider workflow as a road trip. Without considering where you want to go, what you need, where you should stop, when you need to get gas, and what time you expect to arrive, you risk the chance of getting lost or delayed throughout the trip. The same goes for your business. Workflow is the way to accomplish goals strategically and successfully. The purpose of workflow management is to outline tasks, people, and resources needed to achieve a specific outcome on a repeatable basis.


Why it Matters

Workflow management is designed to help produce real results. Unfortunately, many organizations either have no workflow management or have workflow problems. However, proper management allows the business to increase overall efficiency.

Possibly the best benefit of workflow management is the ability to gain more insight of your business process. Mapping out the process allows managers and leaders to get a more clear view of the business. Workflow management can also help eliminate redundancy because a workflow map enables the organization to determine which business activities are truly necessary and if any can be removed. This overall improves the efficiency of the business.

Another benefit of workflow management is the ability to create innovation to profit from the ever-changing market. Productivity is no longer defined as producing more with less because consumers are beginning to desire value and innovation. Innovation is the ability to correctly anticipate and creatively respond to new market opportunities. Today, businesses with a great competitive advantage have flexible business systems and tools in place to swiftly develop new products and services and continuously outperform the time to market of their competitors. Proper workflow management allows an organization to change businesses processes quickly and efficiently to meet market needs.


Goods and services must be produced both smarter and faster, which can be accomplished through an efficient workflow. Only those organizations with innovative processes, products, services, and staff will succeed. Proper workflow management will help an organization view, operate, manage, analyze and improve overall business efficiency.

Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his business advice or check out his Twitter!