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Proper workflow processes can root out inefficiencies and increase success for businesses. Every business has a workflow, whether it is mapped out or not because the workflow is how things get done. The problem with unmapped workflow is that a company may be functioning inefficiently and overtime, the inefficiency becomes entrenched and will be harder to fix.


What is Workflow Mapping

Workflow process mapping is a visual representation of business processes from beginning to end. Workflow maps give organizations an easy and quick way to visualize the entire process, with all the steps that occur. The plan lets companies graphically see how work is currently done. This allows a business to map out the steps, understand the process better, evaluate efficiency, and improve the process. Many refer to the workflow map as a “roadmap” because it allows a company to see if they are taking the most efficient route to producing the good or service.


Learning Tool

When a business maps out its workflow, it’s creating a bird’s eye view of how things are getting done. From there, a company can analyze all its steps and determine what should and should not be changed. When an organization can see a clear picture of how steps create processes and how processes flow together into workflows, they have the best opportunity to recognize inefficiencies and root them out.

Workflow process mapping examines every detail of the process, putting the process under a microscope for inspection. Just like any look in a mirror, it reveals areas that need work. Once the business processed is mapped, a company can examine it for non-value-added steps. Mapping discovers unnecessary steps or time-wasting sidetracks.

Mapping is also crucial because it can bring a team together. When a business maps out itself processes, it involves everyone. Including as many employees as possible in the mapping because it will allow a company to better understand frustration, success, and confusion in the team. Additionally, it makes employees more aware of how their work affects others.


Workflow process mapping is one of the essential steps in managing an organization’s workflow. Goods and services must be produced both faster and smarter, which a business can accomplish through an efficient workflow. Only those organizations with innovative processes, products, services, and staff will succeed. The visual aspect is critical: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-drawn process map could be worth one million dollars (or more).


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his business advice or check out his Twitter!