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With the growth of business comes a lot of pressure. It can be intimidating when things are getting (or have gotten) a little out of control. You might not be aware of the fact that you need to acquire better procedures, CRM, ERP, collaboration software, ect.. You may even just need something as simple as a better way to manage your emails to make a huge difference in the efficiency of your workflow. Here are the signs you need to be aware of when determining whether or not your business needs better workflow management.


Are you inputting the same data into multiple systems?

You may have started with a core system, which acquired another business, that brought on another business, that acquired another.. And so it goes. This may work for a while (the inputting of data into several systems) however, it is not sustainable. It is also incredibly frustrating for all who have to collaborate on the input of such information. Aim to bring your people and data together under one system to function efficiently.


Passing too many Excel documents by email for approval?

Excel spreadsheets absolutely improve productivity. But, when you are sending so many of these spreadsheets through email, it is going to become counter-productive at some point. Confusion can result from not receiving updated copies and having to be sent to many people during the approval process. You need to get an automated workflow system when you reach this point.


Still using paper, Word, or PDF forms?

If you are using paper, you are wasting your time in today’s business world. Usually, after you figure this out, you move up to using Word and/or PDF which are now as outdated as Excel. An automated workflow system will reduce your paper usage and paperwork in general.


Do you have a legacy system that can’t be adapted or extended to new business opportunities?

If your legacy system is too rigid to support business growth or new opportunity it is time to incorporate a bpm program to rise to the challenge where legacy systems will undoubtedly fail at some point.


Do you have too many custom point solutions?

Most of the time only a few or even just one person knows how to work this kind of software- big problem when they decide to leave and no one knows how to step up and get ahold of the slack.


You need to move forward with your business and get the workflow management necessary not only for business survival these days, but increasing profit!


Ryan Krutzig is a seasoned sales and operations professional based in Minnesota. Read more of his business advice or check out his Twitter!